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    Default "I own a 1977 Luhrs 32ft flybr

    "I own a 1977 Luhrs 32ft flybridge sedan cruiser with twin 318 chrysler 225 HP F.W.C. with Paragon Transmission.

    I had to remove the trans/VDrive and lost the spring like part that goes from the output of the crankshaft to the end of the spline from the transmission. .
    My question is, Does anyone know the name of the spring like part and it's part number and where I can purchase one so I can put the engine and transmission together?

    Also does anyone know the diameter of the packing rope needed for the stuffing box as both are leaking at this time.

    Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.


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    Default I believe these are called a &

    I believe these are called a "drive plate". Many have multible holes to fit a variety of engine flywheels. You might research on marinegears.com to learn more about these. I see them come up on ebay regularily.
    Good luck.

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    Default "Don't really know about t

    "Don't really know about the spring thing, but it depends on the size of the packing nut and shaft diameter. I Have a 72 Luhrs flybridge sedan with a 1-1/4" shaft, and it takes a 1/4" packing."

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    Default Preasure plate with springs. T

    Preasure plate with springs. Three bolt patern.
    I have three spairs.
    Let me know if you still need them

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