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    Default "I am looking at a boat with t

    "I am looking at a boat with twin BMW D190 Diesels (Boat built in 84 with 1,000 hours). Looking for references bad or good. I only have had yanmars and am afraid that the old BMW's will not live up to my expectations."

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    Default "Ahoy, I have twin d190 bmw le

    "Ahoy, I have twin d190 bmw less than 1000 hours and complete manuals ,excellent engines, having small issue with glow plugs on port side. Very clean running and fuel miserly,also quiet can get parts throught local cummins dealer in northeast. Would like to hear from owners or potential buyers. Good Cruising"

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    Default "Dear Sir, please note that

    "Dear Sir,
    please note that my company would be able to supply you with any sort of Mercruiser marine diesel reconditioned engine (complete bobtail or short-long block), BMW marine diesel reconditioned engine and VM Motori marine diesel unit. We could also supply every kind of spare part for the above engines, both for the Mercruiser's as well as the old vintage BMW's. My e-mail is [email protected] and my ph. number is 0039.338.9369387
    Very best regards.
    Giorgio Govoni"

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