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    Sid Smith's Avatar
    Sid Smith Guest

    Default I came across one...Any Idea o

    I came across one...Any Idea on Parts/Service manuals?

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    Mat Walters's Avatar
    Mat Walters Guest

    Default "I realise this is an old post

    "I realise this is an old post and it would depend
    on where you live, but these engines were made in
    the Ford plant in Dagenham England from the mid-60's for about 15 years until they were replaced by DI models in the early 80's. Parts may be fairly rare, but manuals may be available from Haynes manuals in the U.K. The best source of parts may be via Campervan/motorhome forums in Britain. They weren't very popular as petrol was cheap and the diesel powered vans were slow by comparison."

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