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    Default A fellow at work gave me this

    A fellow at work gave me this motor. I would like to find out a bit about it. Can someone help ?


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    Default "Hey Frank, Check out [url=""

    "Hey Frank,
    Check out http://home.earthlink.net/~brixent/Model1931-1976.htm It gives spark plug, gas/oil info etc. Note, the J13Y spark plug is obsolete and has been replaced with an RJ12YC
    It is a 1975 5.5 HP. The 1975 doesn't represent the year in Eska model #'s, it just so happens to match with your motor.
    It uses a Tecumseh air cooled motor with a water cooled lower end (exhaust). Don't run the motor out of water or you will damage the impeller.
    Sears also had Gamefisher outboards that were identical to the Eska's as the Gamefisher's were made by Eska. Some of the common replacement parts are available at sears. I believe your motor would be identical to a Sears Gamefisher model 217585710. You can check out http://tinyurl.com/chhl5e and will find that that motor is likely identical to yours.
    According to the Eska service manual, as well as some Eska owners manuals I have from that timeframe, your motor uses 32:1 TC-W (now TC-W3) oil. It sounds kind of crazy with the motor having an air cooled head, but that's what it says. Probably due to the water cooled lower end, therefore exhaust port. It also states to use 24:1 if you use "a good grade outboard motor oil", which would be chainsaw type oil. I've ran TCW-3 in my old 5 and 7 1/2 for years with no issues.
    I hope this is a good start."

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