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    Default "when standing behind boat the

    "when standing behind boat the cyl. on right bank(portside)the plugs look great nice brown color the pluge on starbord cyl.look wet when I check them the top cyl. is not as bad as bottom. Could this be a carb problem, Running to lean?? I have had carbs of and cleaned them,check float settings and every thing else, Compession is 110 0n right side and 105 on left banks. boat runs great idles great and starts right up the only thing that bugs me is plug readings. I am running QL78YC set at.030 just what it calls for any thought of why plugs look different??"

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    Default How is engine temperature? Yo

    How is engine temperature?
    You may have one bank (stb) running too cold. Check/switch thermostats and test.

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