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    Default "Throttle handle has broken on

    "Throttle handle has broken on unit and want to replace. Have taken off the set screw and the large pivot screw from one side at frame mount, but can't figure out what to do on the other. Have removed c clip from pivot pin but...can't remove whats left of the broken handle, nor can I reinstall a new one in its place. Whats the catch? Do you have to have the pin pressed off?
    Is the throttle handle metal able to be welded or should it just be replaced? Part number?"

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    Default "Sorry G. I'm not too fam

    "Sorry G. I'm not too familiar with that motor.
    Bye the model number, it looks as if it were one of the final runs of Eska outboards, which stopped production in 1986. Sears Gamefisher's were made by Eska during this period, and were identical except for Green vs Blue paint, and the stickers put on them. Sears still has some parts for these motors. The closest I could look up was a 1982 (they will have newer motors, I just don't know the model numbers), and it can be located at http://tinyurl.com/d76rwl (that's the location at www3.sears.com for the twist grip assembly for the 1982 model).
    Take a look, it might be the same as your newer model.
    Sorry again for not knowing, but hopefully this is a good lead.

    I just did a bit more checking.
    There is a newer model Sears motor, 217-586611

    Information on the twist grip assembly is at http://tinyurl.com/c28vrq

    Good luck.

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