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    Default "So i took the flywheel off to

    "So i took the flywheel off today and it seems on my stator, the black coils oozed their backing down it and onto the timer base. The base froze and now i have it free to move but it still has that stuff on it. Can i clean it up and reuse it? What does it rotate on to make it work? Why would the stator just melt like that? The motor ran perfectly before the timer base froze. I also noticed the metal points on the stator were rusty. Would that cause the overheat?
    At WOT the tach jumps around and goes to zero somtimes intermitently. Does this have something to do with it?
    And lastly. I need my boat for this weekend. Would i be able to get as much of that nylon stuff off as i can and reuse if for a weekend?"

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default Clean off the timer base and r

    Clean off the timer base and replace the stator. Jumping tach might have been an indicator that the stator has been on its way.

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    Default I NEED URGENT HELP.recently i

    I NEED URGENT HELP.recently i opened my 8h jhonson "j8wrlees" and found the connceting rod niddle bearing chrashed !when i go for parts catalog for the parts number i found the number 4031939 (cat picture # 7) but i cant find the steel casing/housing/ which is a part of that niddle bearing as i found when i opened the engine for first time. i am sure that with out that steel case/housing/split sleeve. the bearing will not run even for a min coz the bearing is made out of steel and the c rod is an aluminium aloy !! the case i m talking about is same like pic# 21 and 15 /main bearing but which is not i m looking for. now what to do? where to find that part number for the steel casing is missing? or no need of that steel casing?
    anybody pls help me


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    Default "Kazi imrul kayesh... Get your

    "Kazi imrul kayesh... Get your own post... Dealin with my own crisis here.

    Morten Ringvold
    Thank you for the info. Would another system have caused the stator to overheat, or would a worn out stator overheat itself?"

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default "What kills them are several t

    "What kills them are several things. Engine overheat makes it start to melt. Usage, and it starts to melt.Shorted coils and defective spark plugs -it starts to melt. Unfortunately that is one of the weaker parts. It is nothing but electric coils, and the more load, the hotter, the shorter life time.
    One 'funny' observation I made some time ago: The more 'hidden' the engine is at transom, less air gets in to cool, the hotter it gets, Same goes for trolling at prolonged time.
    I guess You do not want to put a Dorado Ventilator on top of the cowling!"

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    Default Well the engine i think runs c

    Well the engine i think runs cool. I just bought the boat recently... It runs at 180 on plane or high rpm and about 155 at idle. Does that seem right? The batteries don't discharge b/c i rarely cahrge them and they stay fully charged. So I'm hoping i can just replace the stator and be good. no other chain reaction problems. Do you know of any good used marine places in FL? I need a stator by this weekend b/c i volunteered my boat for a Boy Scout function and nobody carries new in stock...

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default "A bit off my neighborhood, I&

    "A bit off my neighborhood, I'm in Malaysia!
    Your temp reading is a bit interesting as temp normally DROPS at higher RPM's when thermostats should be by-passed. When did You last change impeller? Your idle seems reasonably ok, but high rpm too high."

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    Nov 2005
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    Default try... northshore marine--in h

    try... northshore marine--in houston---713-453-6341 if in stock....u will prob have it in a day or 2...

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    Feb 2009
    perth, wa, Australia

    Default "The stator has two functions

    "The stator has two functions 1 to generate voltage to run the ignition system and 2 it has windings to generate power to charge the battery the only thing they have in common is they share the guts of the stator assy i would say if you replace the stator check the rectifyer and battery and conections as it sounds like it has been very hot due to the load from the charging system,"

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