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    Default I just purchased this outboard

    I just purchased this outboard and was checking for spark and found out there wasn't any. The points look good and are set at .020" gap. I suspect the coil is the problem but I'm just not sure. Could someone help identify my problem and where I could get parts if needed. Thanks in advance.


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    Default "John, don't have specs fo

    "John, don't have specs for your model, however, most coils can be tested quite simply with an ohm meter.

    They are, after all, just a coil of wire. If you have continuity between the positive and negative side of the coil that indicates the wire is intact and "should" produce a current when a magnet is passed over it. Generally, you can allow for some minimal resistance, but for the most part you want a solid connection.

    If it is shot www.laingsoutboards.com carries ignition parts for this model, including the coil, but it's a little pricey at about 95 bucks.."

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