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    Jan 2009
    Wheatland, CA,

    Default "My 15hp Evinrude sits on my 1

    "My 15hp Evinrude sits on my 12ft. Valco and runs GREAT...I've only had the boat a year and yes it's old, but the older the sturdier I say!Well I tryed to pull start the engine after being stored away for four months and the rope will not recoil now???I don't want to spend alot to fix, so how much do you think it will cost to fix?Like I said it runs GREAT, so don't want to toss if its easy.What usually causes this?A simple spring?HELP ME!!!"

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    Oct 2008
    Abbott, TX, USA

    Default "will it try to recoil at all

    "will it try to recoil at all if you jiggle the rope?

    if not, then you will have to pull the mechanism off and see whats causing it. It could be the spring attachment has come apart, or the spring is broke somewhere.

    what year is it?"

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    Sep 2008
    middletown, ct, usa

    Default joeyjoe it may need a little l

    joeyjoe it may need a little lubin or like matt said broken spring.
    I done owen the water I share it.:)

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    Jul 2008
    sallisaw, oklahoma, usa

    Default "heres a link for a '74-&#

    "heres a link for a '74-'92---9.9 & 15

    you will have to scroll down, but the info for the spring and rope replacement procedures are in there.........along with a wealth of info about these little beauties.

    even if yours doesnt fall into the years the procedures are about the same depending on how your spring is attaches."

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