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    Default "Hi Frieds, i have a problem w

    "Hi Frieds, i have a problem with my Volvo 2003, if I run the engine in navigation, I can get hot water for the shower in 15 minutes, but if I run the engine while anchoring, even if I revolution it untill 1.500 rpm, after one hour, i still canīt get hot water. Anyone have this problem?."

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    Default "The key here is to look at th

    "The key here is to look at the engine temperature gauge. If the engine is not getting hot, the water in the water heater will not get hot.

    My TAMD41P gets to 180 degrees or more under load and the hot water can be dangerously hot. At idle, it only reaches 120 degrees or so.

    That's with new thermostats."

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