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    Default "I have a two year old 9.8 Toh

    "I have a two year old 9.8 Tohatsu four stroke. It has performed flawlessly up to the point that a leaking gas tank received a lot of water through a defective filler cap. Tank was stored outside in two severe rainstorms. Local Tohatsu dealer cleaned out the tank. Second storm gave us same symptoms and I bought a new tank and moved the fittings. It ran intermitantly and finally would not run at all. I can hear air leaking in the hose system, I believe in the fuel line in the motor under the cowl it isa small noice intermittant when priming the fuel ling.Pumping the fuel line does not seem solid. I have dissassembled the the carburetor and an preparing to soak it. The gasket seperating the float compartment appears to be stuck in a small amount of rust. My question is do I have to remove this gasket and one other nylon washer on the choke control befor soaking this carb?"

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    Default The gasket...Yes. The washer..

    The gasket...Yes. The washer...No.
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