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    Default " Just bought a 1980 Sea Ray S

    " Just bought a 1980 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge with a 330 engine which I understand is a Chevy 454. It's never been in salt water and I am looking around at options to upgrade the engine to make maintaining it easier. I need to pull the engine as the transmission needs work and am looking for tips as to where I can get the following type of info/products:
    a) pros, cons and cost of adding freshwater cooling system. Is it worth it?
    b) where I can get an electronic ignition to replace the coil/rotor system that it has now
    c) whether there are remote oil filter and sump drain systems available and where to get them from.
    d) Any other words of wisdom I should bear in mind while I have the engine out.

    Also any tips on where to get Velvet Drive parts or service in Southern Cal/Los Angeles would be appreciated. "

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    Default "Chris, here's my $.02:

    "Chris, here's my $.02:

    a) yes, if you're going to operate in salt water or keep the boat longer than about 5 years. On a 22 year old engine, though, it may not be justified unless you know your water jackets and cylinder walls are in good shape. If it were me, and operating in fresh water, I'd just make sure all the cooling system parts are in good shape and run it with raw water until it's rebuild/replace time.

    b) try http://www.vintageperformance.com/retrorockets/ for a Pertronix system. You'll need your distributor make and model #.

    c) can't give you a link for this, but browse Mercruiser sites and parts dealers for a remote oil filter system. The adapter should be the same for all 454's of that age. Use a Topside Oil Changer or similar device to pull oil up through the dipstick tube. Works great and a lot less $$$ than a built-in pump system.

    d) do a compression check before you pull the engine, strongly consider replacing your exhaust manifolds and elbows if they're original or an older replacement, replace anything rubber. Can't help you with the Velvet Drive parts."

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