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    Default "(Not sure if my previous

    "(Not sure if my previous thread made it)

    I am a new boat owner...purchased a 1988 Bayliner 2855 Cierra 5.7L OMC 260HP V-8 with OMC Cobra stern drive. Overvall, the boat is in good shape...but I am finding that it is very hard to shift from N to F to R. Gives me a clunk. Can someone help me understand what the problem is and how to resolve???

    Also...want to purchase a Manual...seen many, but want to make sure I get the right one.

    Thanks to all who help!"

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    Default "Typically the shifting become

    "Typically the shifting becomes hard to come out of gear into neutral. There is an ESA (Electronic Shift Assist) module that will cause the engine to stumble (drop in RPM) while shifting, this takes the load off the gears in the outdrive and makes it easy to shift. There are a lot of factors, lower shift cable, ESA module, microswitches than can affect this. Have a look at this link, excellent site with lots of info about Cobra shift issues, as for the manual the best one is the original OMC factory manual that you can usually find on eBay. Post the model number from the engine (usually on the rocker cover) to determine the correct year (sometimes the yr of the boat and engine don't match) http://www.hastings.org/~stuart/cobra/index.html"

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