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    searay 185's Avatar
    searay 185 Guest

    Default I removed the starter to have

    I removed the starter to have it checked out. Now I can't remember which wires go where. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance

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    Apr 2004

    Default "Large terminals probably 2 wi

    "Large terminals probably 2 wires go on the large top post along with the batt cable. Yellow and red stripe on small post next to the oil pan, purple on the small post away from the pan."

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    searay 185's Avatar
    searay 185 Guest

    Default "thanks, what wire would go to

    "thanks, what wire would go to the bottom post? a small ground wire? does the yellow and red wire go to terminal S? thank you so much for your help. next time i remove the starter i will make note where the wires go."

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    Chris1956's Avatar
    Chris1956 Guest

    Default "Searay, On my 4.3LX, the sta

    "Searay, On my 4.3LX, the starter solenoid secondary (large copper post, with 11/16" nut) gets the battery cable, orange wire to the alternator, two or three red and red-yellow wires. Basically all the wires that are not black and have the large ring terminals. The smaller red-yellow wire runs from the slave solenoid to the starter solenoid primary winding, and is the only one on it. My boat has a mechanical fuel pump. If yours is electric, the wiring may be a bit different."

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