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    Default I have a 95 bayliner that has

    I have a 95 bayliner that has sat for a few years. I'm trying to get it up and running. Gave it a tune up to start with as a first step. Put a new battery in it and tried to start it but it would only turn a few times very slow and labored then stop. It would then start clicking. Then I noticed that the pos battery cable was smokeing and the terminal was VERY hot.

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    Default "You need to stop cranking. Th

    "You need to stop cranking. The starter is toast and you're killing your new battery. Also, now that the cable has been so hot that it was smoking, I would replace the pair (positive and ground). Making the cables that hot weakens the wire and at some point in the fairly near future, the positive will fail.

    Boats that sit for years are never without problems. Condensation kills starters, alternators, contacts terminals and wires. When you take the starter in for rebuilding, take the alternator and have them check it out. It'll save a trip or two."

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    Default Just to add to Jim's comme

    Just to add to Jim's comments that are right on the $. You might check your amperage draw at the starter as well while cranking. The hot smoking wire condition may also be the result of a miserable connection at the batt.

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    Default "I guess cleaning all starter

    "I guess cleaning all starter connections wouldn't hurt but if the cable end is smoking, the starter is probably toast by now anyway. The terminal on the solenoid needs cleaning/tightening, same for the battery posts and terminals. The starter should be removed while the cables are off of the battery and the mating surfaces of the starter and the motor should be cleaned thoroughly, then the bolts reinstalled- if they're heavily rusted, clean or replace them.

    The mating surfaces are the starter's ground path so they are as important as the battery cables and terminals.They need to be very clean."

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