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    Jul 2006
    High Point Florida, USA

    Default "My 1994 Mariner 40 magnum was

    "My 1994 Mariner 40 magnum was running at full throttle and suddenly slowed down to just above idle and the alarm came on. The alarm was a constant alarm. After running at this spped it suddenly accelerated and ran fine for a half mile or so, but the alarm stayed on. The next time I turned on the key the alarm came on and stayed on. The only way I can get the alarm off is to disdconnect one of the wires that fits on the side of the engine. It still slows down though. I am getting plent of water through the teltale and it is not to hot to keep my hand under. One repair shop suggested it might need a new alarm module. Would a bad module make the engine slow down like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    DJMERCMAN's Avatar

    Default Jerry... It would be nice to k

    Jerry... It would be nice to know what colour wire you disconnected. Odds are the oil warning module is faulty as suggested but that WILL NOT reduce engine RPM. I also do not think you have a rev limiter on that motor so you may have a combination of problems...DJ

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    charli Guest

    Default Jerry. It sounds as if it is

    It sounds as if it is going into safe mode. There is something telling the ECM the engine has a problem and to reduce the power. If that model has such a system. Even if it is a false alarm the cause needs to be found. It may have a temp sensor on it's way south.

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    scubatop's Avatar
    scubatop Guest

    Default could it be low oil alarm?

    could it be low oil alarm?

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