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    Default "I currently looking at purcha

    "I currently looking at purchasing a vessel with twin 6BTA5.9 engines. These engines have 963 hrs each on the clock, no noises - appear to be in good condition.
    Question is, after starting the engines (2-3sec wind)and run for approx 15 min, both engine exhausts were still fuming. Did not appear to be oil coloured smoke - more fuel looking. Engine temperature at this stage was approx 50 C, oil pressure 65 psi. Is this normal for these engines to be like this at this temperature and then clear as reach operating temp or should they burn clear after initial start. Have not had the opportunity to take vessel for a run yet - hoping to arm myself with some knowledge prior.
    Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated."

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    Default I am looking to purchase a Bay

    I am looking to purchase a Bayliner 3988 with 6BTA5.9M2 four cylinder Cummins. I have heard that this engine is under powered for the boat and if ran too hard it tends to blow the injectors. My mechanic says blow injectors generally lead to rebuilding the engine. Any feedback from current owners or mechanics with experience would be appreciated.

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    Default Dave: I have a similar engine

    Dave: I have a similar engine with the same number of hours. I have the same smoking problem. From folks that I have talked to this is characteristic of the engine. Raw water pumps seem to be a problem. I bought the boat used and put a new pump in since it had a leak. In less that 200 hours the pump was leaking again. Cummins was not nice about backing for a new pump.}

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    Default "I have 6BTA5.9 engines with 1

    "I have 6BTA5.9 engines with 1,000 hrs and they both smoke when cold. I spoke with a cummins mechanic and was told this is normal."

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    Default "We also have 6BTA5.9 engines,

    "We also have 6BTA5.9 engines, we have about 600 hrs and they do both smoke when cold. We have had this boat for a year now and have had no problems."

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    Default Could anyone advise me as to t

    Could anyone advise me as to the best practices for breaking in a new 6BTA5.9M2?

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    Default "You guys should start a new p

    "You guys should start a new post with each topic, btw."

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    Default Re: Cummins 6BTA59 M2

    Run it in (hard) when new or rebuilt. Stop frequently and check for leaks and normal things.

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    Default Re: Cummins 6BTA59 M2

    Did you realize that you commented on a post that started 8 years ago? The most current post was 6 years ago.
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    Default Re: Cummins 6BTA59 M2

    I can supply all cummins parts.
    Welcome to consult www.chinamarineparts.com

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    Default Re: Cummins 6BTA59 M2

    Pretty popular engine and useful for small to mid-range applications. Hope you found the unit

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