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    Default " I need to replace the igniti

    " I need to replace the ignition modules on my 1975 sears 15 hp. I can`t find anybody that has these parts.I have had people tell me about universal modules but nobody knows for sure.The power head is techumseh, can`t something else work? Thank\s for any help.

    Tom (Culpeper Va. USA) "

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    Default " Tom, About two years ago I r

    " Tom, About two years ago I replaced the ignition module on my Sears Gamefisher 1.75hp one cylinder with a module sold as a replacement for points and condenser for lawn mowers and it works well. If I remember right it only cost about $10. "

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    Default I also need this part. Anymor

    I also need this part. Anymore suggestions?



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