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    HHS Kid's Avatar
    HHS Kid Guest

    Default I have a 1986 Bayliner 16.5

    I have a 1986 Bayliner 16.5' with a 1986 Force 85 HP engine. Prop is 13.5" 17 Pitch. My top speed at WOT is about 25 MPH and pushing 5-5200 RPM. This seems slow to me. Shouldn't it be up in the 30-35 MPH range? I can push up to 6000 RPM but not much more speed and that many RPM is in the danger zone.

    The speedo is a brand new gauge. And I got the same result with different load capacities in the boat.

    Any help would be great.

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    Ken Denman's Avatar
    Ken Denman Guest

    Default "I'm confused. You say spe

    "I'm confused. You say speed is 25mph @ WOT/5200 rpm, yet you can push it to 6000rpm. Therefore you haven't reached WOT at 5200 RPM, right? WOT == wide open throttle, not top speed.

    The fact that you can get your motor above the redline says your prop is pitched too low. See if you can borrow a 19" pitch."

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    HHS KID's Avatar
    HHS KID Guest

    Default I see what you are saying. I

    I see what you are saying. I did not want to push it over 5500 rpm for fear of doing any damage. Should I not be topping out at about 30-35 MPH? would the prop have something to do with that?

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    Mark George's Avatar
    Mark George Guest

    Default "17X17 is what you want. About

    "17X17 is what you want. About 38 on speedo w/mine. This is what the local dealer said it came with. They also said 15X17 if pulling a waterskier, bigger hole-shot, and more "push" to compensate for the added drag."

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    Scott Qualls Guest

    Default "I have a 1987 Bayliner Trophy

    "I have a 1987 Bayliner Trophy 1710 Fish & Ski with the 85 HP Force 3 cylinder outboard. This is different hull/boat design than that on the Bayliner Capri. I have the original motor and boat manuals which call for a 13 X 19 prop. I see 38 to 44 mph under different loaded conditions at WOT.

    Here is a site listing different diameter & pitch combos for this year & size motor:

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