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    Default "No trouble for past year that

    "No trouble for past year that I've owned this motor. Replaced plug, wire, inspected filter ... runs fine. Started acting up and refused to idle the other day, noticed pee stream was intermittent. Replaced impeller, it was missing 1-1/2 vanes ... I don't think I removed that much material from the water line ... blew out the line with compressed air blown into the telltale. Now the pee stream seems OK, but, engine won't idle or run, belches exhaust from below the water line and through the rubber access port cover for the shift linkage. Do I have a clog in the exhaust from a piece of the impeller and the back pressure is killing the motor? How is the exhaust configured on this motor.

    Thank you motor gurus!


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    "well i don't think your exhaust is clogged i don't think its possible not with little pieces of rubber i doubt its back pressure cuz i have a 5hp mod motor that started on a stock 3.5hp mid and it ran great just wasnt as powerful i opened it up and got more power than the factory motor but clean and rebuild your carb thats a good start, do you have good ignition at idle, possibly a leaky head gasket(had that on a 5hp) are your pistons rings in good shape ( just rebuilt my mod 5hp its rings where really worn) ,is your plug good i have had a plug go bad on me before"

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    Default "Thanks. Good thoughts. I

    "Thanks. Good thoughts. I'll break it down and check plug, head gasket, piston/cylinder scoring, etc. Possibly damaged reed valve?"

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    "Before you go to all that trouble...Drop the lower unit, stick a garden hose over the water tube and see if you have good flow out the exhaust. If it is restricted, then it is very likely that a vane is stuck up in the power head cooling passage network."
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