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    Default "The new issue sale flyer at H

    "The new issue sale flyer at Harbor Freight has one for $24.95. Reading the specs I find it is for 3 cylinder motors and up.

    Of course I have three outboards to play with this winter ,, 2 one cylinder and one two cyc.

    DIY're Lake Erie."

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    wouldnt you like to kno, not sure, the usa

    Default i dont know chuck its probabl

    i dont know chuck its probably junk and wont do what you want if all your engines are Nissan id just get a Nissan tach if there other manufactures then get a teleflex tach to run them accurately on two stroke carbs nissans to get an accurate reading at idle you need to remove the voltage regulator it screws with the tach at idle but over 2000 its accurate if set correctly

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    Default Nissan's don't have vo

    Nissan's don't have voltage regulators.
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    Default Hardline products has a combo

    Hardline products has a combo tach and hourmeter
    for around $50.Best price I found was at
    A&D discount performance.

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    Default "Hummmm,,,,,,,? The three eng

    "Hummmm,,,,,,,? The three engines I'm monkey'n with is an '86 2 cyl yachtwin 2-stroke Evinrude 6 HP with CD2 A newer 5 HP Honda 1 cyl 4-stroke and this looks to be an exact copy of the third engine, 2003 Nissan 5 HP 4-stroke. Would you beleive because I could not get the Honda to idle slow enough ,,, ( because of old gas dirtied up the low speed jets ) I ended up shearing the pin and had nothing when docking my sailboat. I definatly see an advantage in having the rubber hub style propellor that the Nissan has. Neither 4-strokes shift as nicely as the evinrude,. So has anyone used this tach on these engines?


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    Default Yep - those are a knock-off of

    Yep - those are a knock-off of the "Tiny Tach" which has been around for years. They work fine on 1 and 2 cylinder 2 stroke motors. I don't play with 4 strokes so have never bothered to see if they make a compatable (gauge).

    The pickup wire wraps around the number 1 spark plug lead (or the only lead if it's a single) so works regardless of what type of ignition you have...

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