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    Default "I am trying to find valve cov

    "I am trying to find valve cover gaskets for the 454s in my 1982 Chris Craft 410 Commander. The standard Generation IV (GM 454) gaskets, available in parts stores, have the "tabs" in the wrong positions, and I am yet to find anything online to convince me there is a specific gasket for the CC 454s.

    Three questions:

    Should I use the standard GM 454 gasket and cut off the tabs?

    Make my own gaskets with silicone RVT?

    Go to a salvage yard and buy standard 454 valve covers to match the available gaskets?


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    Default "You can cut the tabs off with

    "You can cut the tabs off without a problem, and the covers will go right on if you do it this way:

    1. Dab some silicone on the CLEAN (as a whistle) valve covers.

    2. Place the gasket in the silicone, then

    3. Stick all of the bolts through the gasket.

    4. Press the gasket into the silicone, then let it sit overnight.

    The covers should go right on.


    PS: They also sell a gasket adhesive that works both better and quicker. Can't recall the name, but it's red in color."

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