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    Default "Being a lubricants spe******t

    "Being a lubricants spe******t engineer I have access to an oil sample laboratory. Two years ago the oil sample annalisis results indicated high levels of sodium (sea water), the wear metals were all low. I renewed all the relevant parts linked with the cooling system, ie water pump, head gasket, engine breather etc, however the problem persists. I take an oil sample via a ceackle test & change the oil when the emulsified levels are medium, this means I change the oil at approx every 20 running hours. I drain the oil at the sump (not dip stick) & flush the system with fresh oil to ensure no sodium is carried over.
    All the information I have investigated indicates the cylinder liner seals are leaking. Before I remove the engine, please can I bounce my thoughts off you to see if you agree, or have I missed someting.
    The engine starts & runs just fine."

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    Default I am getting grey smoke from t

    I am getting grey smoke from the exhaust of my recently acquired Bukh DV20 (reconditioned in 1999). The engine temperature gauge seems to remain in the normal range. In the old owners manual the troubleshooting guide says I should replace the "thermostat valve". Is this the same as a thermostat in a car which stays closed until the engine warms up? If so where is it situated and is it easily changed? Any comments on similar problem and solutions would be appreciated.

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    Default "I have a dv 20 bukh. it has

    "I have a dv 20 bukh. it has the standard gear box which is mecanical ( not hydraulic) im trying to fit gear box and engine controls,that will operate internal and external. I have found that Morse cables , no longer make the controls that have the umph to move the gear lever on the box, can any one help with ideas, or can I buy 2nd hand controls, appreciate any advise, thanks

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