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Thread: 4HP 4 Stroke

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    Default "I've got a 2005 4 HP, Toh

    "I've got a 2005 4 HP, Tohatsu 4 stroke, with both the internal tank and the connection for a external one. I changed the oil and drained the gas the other day, and tried to start it off the internal tank. I notice that I wasn't getting any fuel flow when I removed the supply line. I tried to crank it for over 20 minutes, no success. I then hooked up my external tank, and pumped the priming ball a few times and fuel was flowing through the supply line. I then cranked it on the second try. There is no priming mechanism for the internal, and it appears that it's difficult to get fuel to flow when using the internal tank for the first time. After cranking the engine with the external connection, I removed it, and ran off the internal no problem, my guess is because the fuel system was primed.

    Any one have any ideas on the problem. I tried to search the archives, but couldn't find anything.

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    Default ""Any one have any ideas o

    ""Any one have any ideas on the problem. I tried to search the archives, but couldn't find anything."

    Sounds like a simple air lock problem that you cured. The only time I have seen it is when someone forgot to open the valve on the fuel cap or open the fuel cock. I wouldn't worry about it happening again unless you let the engine set up for a year or two and the fuel evaporates. If it does happen again just pull the fuel line off the pump until you get fuel flow."
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    Default "It has happened twice before,

    "It has happened twice before, both times when the internal tank has run out of gas. I filled the tank, and same problem, no fuel. Attached the internal tank, and cranked up right away. How does the internal tank get primed when you run out of gas? I know on my sailboat, their is a priming lever that allows you to prime the line after changing filters, etc.. How is this accomplished on the internal tank?"

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    Default "There is no provision to prim

    "There is no provision to prime the system off the gravity fed tank other than gravity itself. Keep in mind that running out of gas means that you have exhausted all fuel up to and including the fuel in the carb itself. It would not be unusual to have to pull the engine starter a few times to get that fuel supply replenished at the carb. Most people, with an integral tank, add fuel before the engine runs completely out, so it isn't a problem....Short of adding a prime bulb between the tank and fuel pump I don't know of a way to solve your problem other than just not running completely out of gas before adding more."
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    wouldnt you like to kno, not sure, the usa

    Default i have one of hose internal ta

    i have one of hose internal tank 4hp i ordered when they first came out i9 can say they start alot easier with the external tank i adapted to over to external tank and its alot easier but even with the internal tank it started within ten pulls the internal tank has nothing but gravity to prime the system so when you pull the fuel pump pumps and it primes its self do you wait alleast 20 seconds before you start pulling. maybe the filter in the tanks clogged or maybe you have carb issues

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