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    Default "hi all-- as many of you kn

    "hi all--

    as many of you know, the CDI ignition on the old air-cooled Eskas (also sold as Gamefishers by Sears) was not an engineering triumph....they have a HUGE failure rate. the folks at Discount Marine Engines indicated it's due to modern fuel quality; dunno on that. the CDI mag is mostly not available and no guarantee to last longer than the old one. CDI Industries doesn't make one due to little demand.

    but i like these engines....the 7.5 is perfect for my 12' porta-bote and weighs only 10 lbs more than the 2hp honda.

    has anyone come up with a good solution? retrofit to points from older Eski? aftermarket parts? i looked at the automotive-coil conversion mentioned somewhere on here; i can deal with the $125ish cost and the big honking external coil, but don't want to have to carry a battery to power the coil. anyone tried one of these? they use a std automotive Bosch blue coil; am i insane to think i might be able to power coil all day from AGM motorcycle battery?


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    Default "Bruce, just ran accross your

    "Bruce, just ran accross your post. I have replaced the ignition systems on a couple of old Gale's with a new system from a company called Atom.

    They are based out of Austrailia and make ignition systems for small motors (weed wackers and the like).

    They did market a kit called the "atom computer" specifically for outboards - does away with the points etc and has worked quite well on the ones that I replaced (one has been running for over 10 years now with their system).

    Anyhow, here's their website. You will have to get ahold of them to see if they still produce a kit - back about 10 or 15 years ago they did have agents in the US/Canada where you could get their products but I haven't had need of there parts for a number of years now and have lost the contact info.....


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    Default "Graham-- thanks for that i


    thanks for that info! they apparently quit making the ig'n systems about 2005, but it might be worth looking on fleebay or even the AUS craigslist for one. here's what they said on website:

    Atom's patented Electronic Ignition System was originally made for the Atom Chainsaw. Patents have now expired but its (previously patented) circuitry is now used by others on many engines in Europe, USA and Asia. The Atom Ignition Module was also developed as a spare part to replace mechanical breaker points and condenser for magneto ignition engines, and until Atom's production ceased in 2005, many millions had been sold worldwide. In 1975, the Atom Electronic Ignition was the winner of "Invention of the Year" on the ABC-TV program, "The Inventors".

    makes me wonder if the system from something else might be adapted...."

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    Default "Hey - look here: [url=""]h

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    Default "Hi, New to the forum and gla

    New to the forum and glad to have found it. I am trying to get a 40's model Elgin 1.25hp outboard to run for more than two minutes at a time. Not the best when it comes to engines. Found a red Atom Computer Ingnition Module in my grandfathers shed where he kept the motor, he said that it was supposed to be for the motor. Is this what is the matter with the motor? Do I need to install this module? Does anyone have the "how to" to do it? I can get to the ign systen of the motor, but the module has one white and one blue wire, how do you hook it up?

    Thank you."

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    Default "James-- you might get more


    you might get more response if you started a new thread with your Q, but here's my .02 worth: if you are able to get it running for a minute or 2, your problem is in fuel system rather than ignition.

    i assume that engine uses gravity flow from onboard tank rather than a remote tank & fuel pump, so we can eliminate fuel pump as potential problem if so. check the vent holes in fuel tank cap...if they're blocked, it will build up vacuum in fuel tank as it empties.....easy way to test if this is your problem is run engine in test tank with cap loose and see if it still does this.
    if this doesn't solve problem, i'd probably go ahead and rebuild carb, assuming you can find a carb kit. also replace any hose from fuel tank to carb and check for any fuel filters that might be clogging up. you are using FRESH GAS rather than some old stuff that's been in engine for months or years, right?"

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    Default "to follow up, the ignition mo

    "to follow up, the ignition module can be used to replace the points as a magneto trigger, but if you have good spark (have you checked it right after engine quits??), i would just stay with the stock points. if you can't find replacement points at some point, you may need to convert it but generally speaking, conversion and fabrication type work is a pain even for hardcore mecho-geeks, let alone the guy who describes self as not good with motors."

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