"I've got a 1998 ns8b that i've had out of the water since this summer and tried to start it yesterday. usually it starts and runs great and am now having my 1st problem w/ the engine- other than the lower unit issue that was my fault.

Anyway, i pump until the bulb gets hard and then it seems that I can't "bleed" the air out of the carb. I have a transparent fuel filter and the fuel just stops at a certain level and then goes no further up the line. I take the line off to the carb and have plent of pressure at the intake of the carb. Also, i put a little starting fluid in it and it starts right up???

Is the float stuck in the carb bowl? How does the air bleed out of the carb when the fuel comes in- i have the service manual and can rebuild the carb (again) if I need to but am really just curious as to why the fuel stopped going into the engine when the bulb was tight.