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    Default "I am currently in the early s

    "I am currently in the early stage of repowering my Hunter 27 with a Yanmar 2GM. I currenlty have a Renault engine and have just purchased a Yanmar 2GM. I am wondering if there are others that have already performed the same repower? If so, I am looking for advice, comments, and how too's and what to avoid suggestions. I will be sharing more as I work on the new (used) 2GM and begin to take out the Renault. My initial plan is to have both engines sitting side by side, check and alter my mounting beds and verify all mounting and alignment dimensions."

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    Default "Hello Russell, Keep

    "Hello Russell,
    Keep in mind that Yanmar will turn a right handed propeller. I am not sure what rotation is the Renault. Did you get the original Yanmar Motor Mounts?"

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    Default "Hi Ronald, Yes I got the ori

    "Hi Ronald,
    Yes I got the original Yanmar Motor Mounts along with the control panel and wiring harness. Also the Yanmar owner's manual. I will have to verify that the Renault is a right handed prop. I will check that out tonight. Thank you."

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