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    Default "My starter would engage then

    "My starter would engage then immediately drop out.

    Test: I removed the starter and disassembled it.
    I found it to be very clean inside, but had very slight rub marks on the armature laminates.

    When I rotated the Bendix up to the engaged position, then checked on bushing wear, significant bushing wear was apparent. (Armature rocked back and forth. Good unit has no discernable rocking.)

    Actul Problem: Armature was rubbing on field coil metal.

    Solution: I replaced the 2 bushings and the problem was elininated. Starter now works like new."

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    Default "It would be nice if bushings

    "It would be nice if bushings were advertised and readilly available. Wihout my lathe to make the bushings my self, I would have had to buy a replacement starter at a cost of just under $280. The bushings cost me $1 and 1 hour of my time plus the time to remove the starter and trouble shoot the problem."

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