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    Default " What is the best method for

    " What is the best method for cleaning the gunk from the outside of a carb body. Is there something I can use to soak it in.

    Mike "

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    Default Hello Do you have Auto Zone s

    Hello Do you have Auto Zone store in your area?
    They sale a carb. cleaner in a yellow can that
    is really good for that. Do not get it on a
    painted surface will curl paint right up. Tom

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    Default " Hi, I'm not sure wher

    " Hi,

    I'm not sure where the carbs you want to clean are located, but if they are installed, it's probably a bad idea.

    Carb cleaner can melt just about anything that is not metalic. A little over-spray may be OK, but if you go soaking down rubber hoses and plastic fittings, there's a good chance you'll warp, weaken, or even melt them. In the manuals I have they tell you to remove anything that is non- metal before you soak carb parts, for good reason.

    Jon "

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    Default " I need to know how to grease

    " I need to know how to grease the lower unit on an old Clinton outboard (5 horse). It has no plug screws, only 4 mounting bolts which hold the bottom cap with the keel to bottom 1/2 of the chunk. "

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    Default Re: Carb Cleaning

    Cleaning surfaces that have grease build up and gunk can be a taunting task. I have always been good about cleaning my boat surface with Raritan and JTD cleaners.

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    Default Re: Carb Cleaning

    Here's a vid I did on carb cleaning for an outboard: https://youtu.be/ye_Ui9D8dBE

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    Default Re: Carb Cleaning

    I have had good luck with a rag soaked in sea foam and some elbow grease.

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