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    Default "Just got the engine but no ow

    "Just got the engine but no owners manual! I need to fnd out 2 things, The correct petrol/oil ratio? also it doesn't have a kill switch just a stop button, I want to fit a remote kill switch up to the steering position. Any ideas on the wiring?"

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    Default "Hi David, try manual #5 h

    "Hi David,

    try manual #5 here, see if it looks like your outboard:


    The oil is always 50:1 on any model made in the last 40 years or so.

    As for the remote kill switch, I'll let someone who has the appropriate wiring diagram and/or the actual switch on their outboard give the advice, so I don't end up frying your engine or something. "

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    Default Does anyone have a 2003 marine

    Does anyone have a 2003 mariner 40hp manual start wiring diagram?
    ps cheers Tom great help

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    Default "Hmm, looking at my electronic

    "Hmm, looking at my electronic manuals, I do have one for the 2-cylinder 30/40 hp, but the CD only says models up to 2002, so no guarantees... [img][/img]

    However, if this is any indication, looks like you just add another 2-pole ON/OFF switch in parallel with your existing stop button so that closing either one of them will short the same lead to the ground (BLK/YEL coming from the Rev Limiter in this example). Since the diagram has two switches ("i" and "j"), it's probably close if not identical to what you're looking for.

    But again, if in doubt, seek qualified assistance, etc. etc. disclaimer yada yada.

    Merc/Mariner 30/40 ignition diagram"">

    Yes, thank you, Brunswick Marine, for not busting us for copyright infringement... love your products, will buy more. "

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