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    Default "2004 stalls occasionally whil

    "2004 stalls occasionally whilst trolling at 3 knots, planes well, goes flat out well. somedays will troll for an hour no probs, other days within 5 mins at 3 knots engine sounds like slowing and just cuts out. sometimes restarts straight away, other times have to try a dozen or more times and manually prime the pump. when shes about to stall i try and throttle her hard, (where practical) and she runs rough at 3-4,000 revs then suddenly runs ok and rockets off. shes had full dealer service history, recent service 220 hours, included 3 thermostats, 6 spark plugs and impeller as she had been identified as running cold with plugs black and thermostats crudded up.is it possible this type of engine doesnt like long periods at 3 knots?? no alarm codes displayed. Losing faith in this evinrude.help, smudge."

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    Default It may have a fouled carb. Ma

    It may have a fouled carb. Maybe?

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