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    Default "We have recently replaced the

    "We have recently replaced the after cooler on our AD31-l/P-A volvo marine diesel. The symptoms were obviously salt water on the head and loss of power. We replaced the cooler and turbo and have the same symptoms. Common Sense tells me the cooler is either blown or was installed wrong. The loss of power is killing me. We have no special tools and are in the middle of an Arctic Ocean run. Is there any suggestions about any common sense troubleshooting that I can do with no special tools, like injectors, compression test that can be rigged in the field that someone has done before? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since we have a few more weeks to go in our Arctic Run. Thanks for your time."

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    Default If it will run. you can start

    If it will run. you can start and run about 1000rpm. Loosen HIGH pressure line at injector one at a time and note rpm loss. Should give you a poor mans load test.No rpm loss= bad cylinder. On top of injector pump is a smoke limiter diaphram.It controls rpm under load. If the plunger under cover and diaphram is stuck you will have no or low rpm operation. Remove cover and push down on diaphram to check. DO NOT remove diaphram or shaft from pump. Hope this helps a little.

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    Default "Stay off the smoke limiter if

    "Stay off the smoke limiter if You are not familiar with how it works!!!
    It works mainly by giving correct amount of fuel relative to pressure from turbo.
    If You have had salt water in the intake, that might have clogged up the line/pipe to the limiter not giving pressure info to the limiter.
    Check that the pipe is not clogged, but do NOT 'play' with the membrane. You may take off the top cover: But do NOT twist/turn or try to remove the membrane, just check if ok.
    As general: disconnect the fuel return line and let the return go into a canister and monitor. If return stopps : You have a fuel supply problem. If return keeps flowing but engine regains power: You have a blocked return from engine to tank.
    I had a twin installation of these engine long time ago (AQ versions) and is quite familiar with them, even on the inside!!"

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