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    Default Hi to all My 2002 when trying

    Hi to all
    My 2002 when trying to idle will hunt with the revs going from 750 to 1200 and back again occasionally the engine will slow until it nearly stalls at which point there is a "clunk" and the revs pick up again. When the engine is run at anything above 1200 rpm it is fine and runs smoothly.
    I have watched an engineer adjust the volume screw and the engine will stop if it is screwed in but the engine will only idle at 750 rpm and no higher if it is screwed out.
    the governor looks ok as he had the cover off and all the springs were in place.
    As far as I'm aware the injectors have been overhauled the fuel tank has been cleaned and there are new fuel filters in the line.
    I also noticed that when the return pipe from the engine to the tank was removed the fuel syphoned out of the fuel tank. I have also noticed that there is no "squeak" comming from the mechanical lift pump.
    Having read through a lot of posts on here would i be right in thinking there is an air leak somewhere in the system that will cause the hunting or is it something more profound.
    I would welcome any thoughts the panel might have.

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    Default Did it just start doing this o

    Did it just start doing this or was some sort of service done on unit?

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    Default "The engine started doing this

    "The engine started doing this after it had a top end overhaul, New head gasket injectors etc. Why?

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    Default "Just wondered if throttle cov

    "Just wondered if throttle cover had been removed and insides messed with. If it did not do this before repair, logic would say that something done during repair has started problem. Sounds like a fuel or governor control fault."

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    Default "There really isn't much i

    "There really isn't much in the governor to mess with. You can check the weights, thrust washer and sleeve through the oil filling hole. The springs are intact that hold the control rod to the actuating lever.
    I gues I either have an air leak or perhaps the lift pump diapragm is shot. I haven't taken that apart yet."

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