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    Default "I had a 100hp mariner that go

    "I had a 100hp mariner that got saw grass wrapped around the prop and destroyed the lower unit. I found a well maintained newer force outboard 120hp. I do not know a lot about the history of force and really haven't heard much about it except that Mercury made/makes them. Are they good engines? Are they still manufactured? why or why not? Can mercury parts be used on them? (ex/ when I had issues with the mariner it was easy and inexpensive for my merc dealer to fix it)

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    Default "FORCE= From Old Recycled Chry

    "FORCE= From Old Recycled Chrysler Engines :-)

    Mercury bought Force and used up all the parts on the shelves to make the Force range...it isn't that they are bad engines, just that you never quite know what parts you will have on any motor from any given year.....may have old school Chrysler parts, maybe newer Mercury ones. Parts aren't too hard to come by in the US. No longer manufactured as they were mainly produced as a cheap line for a specific range of boats to be sold as a package."

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    Default "thanks for the help, mine is

    "thanks for the help, mine is a 1996 120hp? So does this mean it would more than likely be newer merc parts?"

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    Default "Brandon, the 96, 120 model wa

    "Brandon, the 96, 120 model was mostly a Merc creation. As an example the carbs on it were originally used on Mercs in the late 70's, but the block was old style (with a head) whereas a Merc of similar vintage would be a "headless" split block.

    In my opinion your model has a slightly better ignition system than most Force models. Many were built with a Prestolite system. Yours has Merc's CDM system (no blue boxes and no funky 20 pole stator). They used it for a few years on their mid horsepower models and the results were decent.

    The most positive factor to it is that it is considerably cheaper to replace compared to the prestolite should it be required and a little more straight forward to troubleshoot.

    If you own a Force, your model is probably one of the more "desireable" models..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default Graham as always thanks for th

    Graham as always thanks for the very useful information

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