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    Default "I have a Volvo Penta model 20

    "I have a Volvo Penta model 2002, 2 cylinder diesel with the optional fresh water cooling system. I've got a coolant leak that I can't for the life of me locate.

    Quick facts: 1991 Beneteau, original engine w/5500 hours, not well maintained or used by PO past 2 years. I acquired the boat in March. The fresh water pump was replaced at that time. Coolant hoses were repalced about a week ago. Engine cools from both raw water and fresh water (closed circit).

    I've replaced most all coolant hoses (the two coming from the overflow tank), the two from the air vent above the engine, the small one between the overflow tank and engine); I've replaced my raw water hoses, too (b/c they were suspect, but not leaking). The only remaining hoses (that I see) are two that go from the engine (just behind the water pump) to somewheres forward in the bilge.

    The metal water pipes (behind the water pump) appeared to be dry on the outside (e.g. no leaks).

    I ran my engine at idle for about an hour this morning before taking the boat out. Everything came up to temp/pressure as expected. I had a tiny drop (e.g. the size of a dime) of coolant in the bilge pan below the engine, directly below the water pump. When I put the boat in gear, ran the engine up to 2200 rpm to leave the marina, the high-temp alarm went off about 2 minutes later. Sure enough, all the coolant was in the bildge pan.

    I ran my hand all over the collant hose and pipe connections, but nothing was wet. I felt all aroudn the water pump, only the slightest drop on the underside. I have no idea where this leak is coming from.

    Before I get back to the boat next weekend and refill the system and run it up to speed while I observe it to see where the leak might be coming from; I thought I'd ask the collective expertise on the forum of other places to look, or possible other causes. Could there be a hose or pipe I'm missing? Does this engine have drain cocks for the coolant? If so, where are they?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default "I don't know what literat

    "I don't know what literature you have but the owners manual can be obtained from HERE by just sticking 2002 in the engine type box.

    There is a workshop manual that can be downloaded from HERE

    There are exploded parts diagrams HERE

    Between them you should be able to find likely sources of the leak locate drains etc

    You sure it is not being ejected from the overflow? Put a bottle under this!

    Maybe the heat exchanger is scaled up?
    Have you checked the raw water flow or replaced the pump impeller?

    Head gasket leaking is a posibility not to be ignored."

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