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    Default "the supercharger on my kad 44

    "the supercharger on my kad 44 will not kick in. I have checked and there is 12v at the + side and good connection from the - trigger wire which goes to the computer ,the manifold pressure pipe is connected ok to the computer and I can override the circuit and make the compressor run , the diagnostic codes show no fault in the system , I suspect the fault is in the computer , is there anything else in the system which could infleunce this ? can anybody test or repair these conputers or must i buy a new one , any suggestions would be very welcome"

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    Default We have some KAD32's with

    We have some KAD32's with the same setup. The Supercharger controllers failed a few times until our local agent fitted an aftermarket modification that 'strengthened' the on/off switching in the controller. Their comment was that the controllers are not designed strong enough for the engines to be run for long periods on the Superchargers as sometimes happens when you are in a rough sea.

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    Default "The supercharger on KAD44 and

    "The supercharger on KAD44 and KAD300 are controlled by the EDC unit. Are you sure that the wire, from the EDC unit to the supercharger, is intact ?

    If the wire is intact, then your EDC unit need service."

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    Default kad32 compressor i fitted new

    kad32 compressor i fitted new pully and clutch when i turn on the isolater the pully clicks and when engine running the compressor is on constant any ideas

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