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    Default "I have a Chrystel 45 hp on a

    "I have a Chrystel 45 hp on a 69 Larson. It fires right up when I go to use it. But if I shut the engine off, or it stalls while idol, it won't restart unless I wait, and wait up to 30 minutes.
    Then it starts right up, and runs like a top.
    I have tried replacing fuel and vacuum lines to no avail."

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    Default "More likely it's an ignit

    "More likely it's an ignition problem - when it won't start a timing light will quickly tell you if you have spark.

    When copper windings break they may have continuity when they are cold but when the motor heats them up they expand and lose contact - in cases like that it could be the stator that is the culprit, but these intermittent/phantom problems can be a pain to track down..."

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