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    Default "I have this motor on a 22.5&#

    "I have this motor on a 22.5' Hydrasport CC.

    Was out the other night... all was well until I went to start a new drift. Something was amiss. Went back in and hauled the boat. Removed the cowling and saw there was gas in pan.

    Removed air box and saw that the number 4 carb was spitting gas out which was going into air box. Pulled off heads to see if any damage.

    On the starboard side (when looking at motor from prop side which I beleive is #3 cyl?) there is deep scoring. All other cylinders looked ok.

    Question 1: can this cylinder be sleeved? Otherwise I believe I am in need of a remanufactured head! How long do you think I could run the motor before a complete failure happens assuming carbs are rebuilt and leak/spray into air silencer is rectified?

    Question 2: What is the difference in components between a 200 hp and 225 hp? Same block, no? Different carb jets? Anything else?

    If I have to do a remanufacture or rebuild, can I bump up to a 225 using the same lower unit? What would I have to do to acheive added HP?

    Other alternative is to plunk down thousands more and purchase a leftover or something.

    Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions. I hope no one has to experience this. I am really bummed out given I dont really have the disposable $$ for such a situation given our wonderful economy."

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    Default "not long before complete fail

    "not long before complete failure .repair that #3 asap re sleeve or complete over haul.you need to find out what caused #3 to fail
    first, bent rod /bearings etc or it can happen again.could be thosands anyway.
    as far as hp try jets /performance reeds.
    the difference on some models vary newer engines
    have electronic programming/older ones midsections have exost restrictors and different size carbs.depending on your year that will determine what you can do.
    ways to pump hp,s out"

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