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    Default "Let me start with I have some

    "Let me start with I have some experience (i.e. removed replace lower units, impellers and other minor maintenance) with outboard but have never torn on down completly.

    I bought a 15 hp force off Craigslist. I was reported by the seller that the engine was a 1993 and was having some water circulation issues that a new impeller did not fix. I started tearing it down to find the issue.

    I started by draining the oil removing the lower unit(looks like i will need to change some seals cause of a little striation in the oil). Looked at the water pump housing and impeller and confirmed that the impeller has recently been replaced and the housing is clean and not pitted.

    I started working my way up by removing the drive shaft housing and the riser tube was clear. I then removed the block from the cowl and pulled off the head and checked the gasket and the cylinders looked good and not wet. no scoring etc. I pulled off the side plates (water jacket?) and couldn't find any clogs.

    one thing I have noticed is that the thermostat is not on the head but in the drveshaft cove. is this correct? From the looks of the parts diagram it looks to be on the aft of the cover. A possible problem is there is no thermostat in that location. The chaber that is ther is filled with what looks to be rtv. If this is truly the location of the thermostat than this is probably the issue.

    I have a service manual for a 1993 ordered and am waiting on it. But the other problem is that I cannot find a serial number or model number. I did find a casting number of 800-819553-C but in talking with mercury's customer service this will not help me to find a model number. She mentioned that I check the welsh plate but I don't remember seeing anything. no labels under the cowling or on the swivel bracket (reportedly replaced by the seller's mechanic. I would like to figure out the model or serial number so I can order up some seals and gaskets.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Default "Welsh plug is usually located

    "Welsh plug is usually located on the waterjacket back (near) the spark plug end of things. It's a small silver disk the size of a quarter.

    On 15 Mercs it's on the right hand side if you were standing behind the motor (looking at the plugs).

    Here's what/where you should be looking - the motor is a little 2.5 Evinrude, but it will give you an idea...


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