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    Default "I, like many people apparentl

    "I, like many people apparently, have neglected my air filter for some years on my Volvo 2003 diesel. However, I decided to rectify that today and attempted to replace the element.

    I have a metal type of filter casing which appears to have no means of being opened. Can anyone tell me how one is supposed to replace/clean the element?"

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    Default Clean it by rinsing with diese

    Clean it by rinsing with diesel and allowing to dry. You cannot take unit apart it is sold complete. Part number is 840691 for non turbo air silencer.

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    Default Thanks for the tip Dickv. I a

    Thanks for the tip Dickv. I assume you have done this yourself and I wonder how successful it is at cleaning it out.

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    Default "There really isn't much i

    "There really isn't much inside. Basically a screen and maybe some mesh. As long as the screen is not coming apart, cleaning has worked."

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    Default "Thank you for the tip Dick, I

    "Thank you for the tip Dick, I have the same problem with my silencer. The new one cost $114.85 if buy online. Talked to the local dealer, they said cleaning is not recommended but if decided to clean, one should make sure the unit is completely dry before starting the engine.

    I am going to follow your advice to clean it with diesel"

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    Default "Important that there is no e

    "Important that there is no excess diesel on the filter or the engine might rev out of control as it sucks in the fuel. Shake it off.

    I thought the instructions for cleaning the filters were in the owners manual.

    Available from HERE if necessary"

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    Default "On my 2003 I had a set of pla

    "On my 2003 I had a set of plates made so I could use automotive/replacable air cleaners. When you pull the Volvo filter off, the remaining inlet tube on the engine is 2"OD. I just used a short length of stiff hose & clamps to join the new air cleaner assembly to the existing tube. You'd be surprised at how quickly the air filter gets dirty! Bigger filter also give the engine more air."

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    Default "Well, I'm new to diesels,

    "Well, I'm new to diesels, but on gas marine engines, it's a "spark arrester", not an air filter. And it's just metal screens. There really isn't the dust and dirt on the water that there is on lamd where air filters are needed."

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