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    "Hi all. I'm new to this forum but i have read many of the posts. I have a houseboat with twin volvo 151b's and 290 stern drives. My starboard drive kicks up when put into reverse. The problem is not with the locking mechanism but with the hydraulic cylinders. One of them leaks and will not hold pressure so when put into reverse the drive locks onto the cylinder assembly, but the complete assembly raises. Is there anyway to fix the cylinder assembly so it will not be able to raise. I do not need to tilt or trim the drive. My thoughts was to drill a hole through the rib on the transom shield and the arm that holds the drive and then bolt them together on both side of the unit. Is this a viable fix or a bad idea ??? Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks."

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    "I would not advise that approach. Your drive requires fluid pressure within the pistons to resist the upward force imparted on the leg by the thrust of the prop when in reverse. I suspect that the failure of your system lies with a ruptured hydrauylic hose and not a worn cylinder.

    I would begin troubleshooting the hyrdaulic lines within the boat. Look for signs of fluid around fittings and near the transom. Ensure the pump reservoir is full and have someone trim the drive while you inspect the hoses. When the drive bottoms out (or is fully raised) there will be a load on the system and any leak should be visible. If you do not find one, pull the boat and inspect the hoses at the drive.

    The benefits of repairing the system properly will be very much worth it. Good luck."

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