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    Default "lost power on westerbeke 7.7,

    "lost power on westerbeke 7.7, found blown capacitor. Changed both capacitors and rectifier but only have 4 volts now. flashed the rectifier as described in tech book but no change. Ideas?"

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    Default "Mark, I have a Westerbeke gen

    "Mark, I have a Westerbeke genset 7.7 KW with no electrical o put.
    What did you find was your problem and solution to fix your similar symptoms?
    Thanks, Jacob
    [email protected]"

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    Default "After completely tearing the

    "After completely tearing the 7.7 down, found the insulation on the armature had broken down over the years. I purchased a rebuilt armature and all is good now. Before the voltage went down, it apparently had spiked up after loosing ground and caused a lot of damage to other systems."

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