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    Default "I am a new owner of an approx

    "I am a new owner of an approximately 1971 70hp, which is in overall excellant shape. It has had rebuilt carbs, the ignition gone through and the timing set in recent weeks. It idles very well when not in gear, but stumbles and stalls when put in gear. If you take off right away it runs perfectly. I bought this boat/engine combination from a small marina after they became frustrated in their inability to solve the problem. These are guys with 25 years+ experience, so I don't take their abandoning the cause lightly. This is the only problem with the engine, so I thought it worth a try here. Could it be something dragging in the gear case, which overwhelms the engine at idle? I am a collector of classic and antique boats, and very far from a mechanic. I only do the most basic of work myself.

    Other than this, I am very happy with the engine. Looks to be low hours and very well cared for. The spark plug wires say 1971 on them - are these date coded? I also am re-storing a 1946 Gar Wood Sedan with the original Chrysler Royal 8, so I will take my myriad of questions on that engine to the inboard forum.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions."

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    Default My 90HP did this shortly befor

    My 90HP did this shortly before it blew up...it may be the crankcase seals need replacing.

    I disconnected the starter cut-out and started it in gear....this is NOT recommended but it got me out of the poo for a while.

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    Default "Post your question with these

    "Post your question with these guys.

    Franz (on the Forum there) is especially knowledgeable on these old Chrysler motors.

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