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    Default "Because of water leaks(oi

    "Because of water leaks(oil leaking from the gear case)I tried to change the seals but after removing the water pump base I couldn't remove the bearing assembly and .... My engine is 74' merc 500 4cyl 50HP. To remove a drive shaft and a prop shaft,Do I need a special tools? Should I disassemble drive shaft first or prop shaft first? I have a factory manual and diagrams but It doesn't help. Someone can help me? noah"

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    Default "Noah, the first thing you sho

    "Noah, the first thing you should do is a preassure test to see what seals are leaking. To replace all the seal in a lower unit is a project. You might get lucky and just have to replace the seal under the water pump or the shift shaft.These 2 are common on leaking and easy to get at."

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    Default "OH,I didn't know that.I t

    "OH,I didn't know that.I think I made more problems. I already pulled out a shift shaft and I couldn't put it back.The drive and prop shaft stuck in forward position and a small metal piece dangling inside a shift hole.It seems like impossible to back in. what shall I do now?"

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