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    Default "I have a Volvo AD41 B later m

    "I have a Volvo AD41 B later model series and we have been having some trouble with the engine not having power while trying to go back onto the trailer after either a 4 hours water test or a full day of trolling. We have since changed the lift pump, checked and cleared the return line. Tried testing while running the fuel source directly from a separate canister and returning into the same (did not however check for the air in the loop). The boat would run fine all day while fishing and when we return home while throttling down to enter the marina there would be no response with the throttle. Only idle forward if anything. After letting the boat rest for a day then the engine would run fine. We also just changed both fuel tanks and changed all fuel lines including the vents. Any thoughts of what we can try next?"

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    Default "I am having the exact same pr

    "I am having the exact same problem as you and still can't figure it out either. I have a 1993 AD31B 135 h.p. turbo diesel. I had the injector pump rebuilt as well as the injectors, the fuel lines have been cleared, replaced with new clean filtered fuel, replaced all fuel filters, cleaned and checked turbo unit, aftercooler has been inspected and cleaned, replaced with a new lift pump, return lines is cleared and working properly, isolated the boats fuel system and ran it from a seperate fuel canister, still with same results. No idea what to do next."

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    Default "Somewhere You have a restrain

    "Somewhere You have a restraint/blocking in the return fuel line. Might be between injectors, might be from engine to tank.
    Take off the return line from engine, and blow it clean. Check holes in all banjo-bolts, reinstall with new washers. As for testing, Install a clear plastic hose in a loop on return. No air should build up on top of the loop."

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