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    Brook Stockton's Avatar
    Brook Stockton Guest

    Default "I grew up running 25+ yea

    "I grew up running 25+ year old Evinrudes etc on freshwater lakes and rivers. Given the weight difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke, I'd dearly love to keep my '04 9.8 running forever. We didnt do much special to those old motors, just yearly maintenance, fix'em when they broke. there anything I can do to keep this motor running since its essentially irreplaceable?

    1. Regular freshwater flushing (I use it in salt)
    2. Annual maintenance
    3. Keep it from getting stolen
    4. ?????


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    Jun 2007

    Default I think the ???? is the most i

    I think the ???? is the most important...Main thing is fuel system. Keep it clean and ye shall have no problem.
    Solution One Maritime

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