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    Default I have a 200 Black max and the

    I have a 200 Black max and the oil injection has been removed. I am mixing 50:1 and when I troll for a while it loads up a bit and misfires. So I take it for a high RPM run to clear it out and it seems to get better for a while. When I take the plugs out there is enough oil on them to form a slight drip on the plug end. Is this normal? Timing? Too cool heat range? Running rich (factory jets)?

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    Default "Greg, that would actually be

    "Greg, that would actually be considered normal.

    The oil injection system that you removed was a variable rate system. The mix rate would have slowly changed from about 100:1 at idle up to the (normal) 50:1 at wide open throttle.

    Once you removed the injection you created a situation where you are over oiling at lower rpms. In itself that is not bad, better too much than not enough oil, but you are seeing the result - severe oil fouling at lower rpms. It is also possible that you are running a little rich (maybe) which is only making the issue worse.

    I definately wouldn't mix the gas with any less oil in your main tank but if you are going to use it to troll you may want to mix a small portable tank at say 80:1 and use that when trolling - but you would have to be super vigalent about shutting down, switching fuel lines and then switching again before you throttle up.

    In any event you should probably be changing your plugs 2 to 3 times more often than you would have otherwise.

    That could get expensive, so you always have the option of picking up a kicker which would probably be the best all round solution...."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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