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Thread: 2001 Blow BY

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    Default "I reciently purchased a 1984

    "I reciently purchased a 1984 Sailboat with a Volvo 2001. I hired a delivery Skipper to sail the boat to me about 500 miles. He made it 18 miles and had to turn back, stating that the engine had stalled after all of the oil had blown out of the engine through the breather and was now in the bildge. When the boat finally made it to me on a truck, I thought I duplicated the problem. The engine would idle fine but at mid throttle settings oil/fuel would begin to spew from the breather. We troubleshot and repaired a defective fuel feed pump diaphragm and a coolant bypass tube which was completely plugged with carbon at the top (exhaust manifold end), I also installed a thermostat (it had none). I emptied aproximately 7 pints of diluted oil from the crankcase and serviced with fresh oil. I figured that since the oil had become so dilluted with fuel the delivery skipper simply could not see the fluid on the dipstick and assumed that the crankcase was empty. The engine now performed nicely on land (no load) so we dropped it in the water and got one days good use but we only used the engine intermittantly. Yesterday we took it out again this time using only the engine for power and after 15-20 minutes of 3/4 throttle operation the engine died, it would still crank but would not start. After opening the engine compartment I saw that the bildge was full of oil and there was no oil on the dipstick and the breather was still dripping of oil, just as the delivery skipper had described. Once the engine cooled I reserviced the oil and it ran long enough to get back to my slip (about 5 minutes) although at the end it was idleing rough. Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default "Just to clarify. I believe t

    "Just to clarify. I believe this engine has an internal crankcase breathing system via the top cover and a passage directly into the inlet manifold. Are you therefore saying that the oil is being ejected via the engine air intake silencer (The "frying pan" at the back of the engine)

    It is difficult to understand how so much oil could be lost by that route in so short a time and why there is not a lot of lubricating oil being burnt producing copious quantities of blue smoke from the exhaust.

    Owners manual and workshop manual both available from HERE. BTW. Listed for 2002"

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    Default "Thank you for the manual, and

    "Thank you for the manual, and not a moment too soon. I will be droping the engine off in the AM for a complete overhaul.

    Thanks again,

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    Default "[i]" and not a moment to

    "" and not a moment to soon"

    Sorry. Will try to be quicker next time.

    BTW dont forget to tell us what was the cause of the trouble"

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    Default "hi to all i need your support

    "hi to all i need your support for my engine volvo 2002 i try the compression value 20 bar just 5 min later i have tryed again in the same cyl and i haved no more pressure waht's appened ??
    im going to disassemble the head .."

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    Default "I'm sory it took me so lo

    "I'm sory it took me so long to close this topic. The good news is the engine is overhauled and has been giving good service for more than a month now. The culprit was a spun rod bearing (big end). I think I understand what was going on and I will attempt to explain. The spun rod bearing effectively increased the stroke of the engine but only at high power settings (when the inertia of the piston overcomes the down force of the compression) which is why the blow by condition only occured at higher power settings. The increased stroke allowed the top compression ring to contact the carbon ridge at the top of the bore which deformed the ring and allowed the compression to bypass the piston and pressurize the crank case. The overhaul consisted of turning the crank Rod journal .010". new main bearings and rod bearings. New piston and rings standard size. New Rod mine got too hot (note this was the only part that was obsolete) I got a used one from French Creek Marina. The machine work consisted of honeing the cylinder (it was straight). mill the head (minimal) and a valve job. The complete fuel system was sent to East coast Deisel tested and returned. The engine now starts in about 3 seconds and runs flawlessly.

    Thanks for all of your help!

    BTW VicS I really did need the manual to provide to the machine shop, sorry for not making that clear."

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    Default "Thanks for letting us know th

    "Thanks for letting us know the outcome. I dont think anyone could have quessed what the trouble was.

    Glad the manual was useful. Not easy to find workshop manuals on line. Some are but Volvo clobbered one site that has a good few availble a couple of years or so ago.

    At least Volvo put all the owners manuals on line. There may be a more recent one of those on http://www.volvo.com/volvopenta/na/e...on_engines.htm if you need one."

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