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    Default "Hi,I buy tommarow 15 hp engin

    "Hi,I buy tommarow 15 hp engine ,but what is the difference between 2 and 4 stroke in :
    -Max speed in %
    -fuel consumption in %
    I now about other difference,like weight ant etc.
    Thank you"

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    Default "I was the proud owner of a F1

    "I was the proud owner of a F15C Yamaha only 2 weeks ago and now it sits on the bottom of the ocean. I am curious to find if any one has had the same inccident that happened to myself where the motor broke of at the mounting screws all i have left is the clamp screws that were padlocked together to stop theft and any movement of the clamps coming loose. I was motoring along in 10knts of wind and in 40 meters of water and some chop. I really wouldn't like this to happen to any one else and am very lucky to have not been swept out to sea, I thank Flares!"

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