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    Default "Does anyone know why oil woul

    "Does anyone know why oil would be leaking from here?
    It's not from the dipstick, oil filter, or drain plug. After 50 hrs it went from the H mark on the dipstick to the L mark, and seems to be getting worse.
    Thankx.04 yamaha 4 stroke 225 oil leak

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    Default "Ron, I'm not sure, but


    I'm not sure, but it could be possible that the oil drain plug is leaking. I do not remember if it can flow to the location you show in the picture.


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    Default "Ron, I have the same motor, s

    "Ron, I have the same motor, same year, same problem! I'm currently searching through message boards to find similiar problems/causes. So far I've found that it may be a leaking oil pan gasket which requires the removal of the powerhead. I'm wondering if it's a manufacturing defect....I'll post an update if I find any other possible causes before I bring it in to be serviced.

    If any other people on this forum have additional input, please post.


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    Default or crank shaft seal

    or crank shaft seal



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    Default "I have 2 (x) Yamaha 4

    "I have 2 (x) Yamaha 4 Stroke 225 hp engines(Year 2002) . I have had undetected leaking oil for quite some time ( out of my port engine ) similar to what you have described and it has just been diagnosed as oil leaking through the crank shaft seal due to damaged or worn crank shaft.
    It began sometime between 4/2004 and early year 2005. The Dealer consistantly told me not to worry, it was probably just spillage from the oil changes which was unavoidable. Then somewhere end of 2004 beginning of 2005 the low oil alarm went off while fishing one day off the coast of South FL and the gauges indicated it was the Starboard Engine. Was in a rough gulfstream that day but I shut it down and the dipstick was reading ok. Started it up and retured to dock. Called dealer and asked if there was any reason that the alarm would go off by mistake, etc etc. He said he could not really say. He asked me to check the Port engine. sure enough it was off the stick- TOOK 2 Full Quarts. He said the boat was crossed wired at the gauges so the alarm was showing the Starboard engine rather than the Port. Said he would correct the wiring next service. He explained away the 2 quarts as a watch and see. Maybe it was just a tech who didn't fill completely last service. There was no visible leakage in cowling area, etc. Well on the 18 mile trek to the dealer 2 weeks ago the LOW OIL alarm went off again, this time pointing to the port engine since the wiring had been corrected at the gauge end. It took 2 full quarts. Now I'm worried. Tell a new tech at the dealer when I get there (since the original tech was no longer there) and the first thing he said was we will check the crank seal for leakage since we have seen seveal cases of it with the 225 4 stroke. Sure enough 4 days later I get the dreaded call.... It took my dealer until this service cycle (3/2007) to diagnose mainly because I have only put 50 hrs or less on the boat since 11/2005 which was my last major service/and oil change ( lack of boat use is due to my health-knee problems that began in early 2005 ).... But the oil leak problem began potentially as early as 4/2004, just not sure. I estimate that I had approximately 600 to 750 hours on the engines the first time the low oil alarm sounded

    Any way dealer now claims they have seen this problem before in this Yamaha 225 4 stroke engine. I have yet to get a answer as to how long ago the first case was realized , or if Yamaha has any statistics on the problem.

    There is not a inexpensive solution to this leak as you may or not be aware.

    Would appreciate knowing what year your engines are, as well as what progress you have had with your dealers / or Yamaha ???

    Someone else from this forum has emailed me that he had power head replaced due to unrepairable grooves in crank on year2004 Yamaha 225 hp 4strokes with only 527 hours on them."

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    Default "The problem was confirmed to

    "The problem was confirmed to be a groove worn into the crankshaft which was caused by metal particles that found their way to the crankshaft seal.

    I'm glad to report that yamaha has covered the defect; eventhough, the engine was out of warranty; however, the engine hours were only 145 and the download of the engine's computer data showed that the engine was not abused.

    Good Luck, Guys !"

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